We promise to provide top quality images that suit your requirements, along with a friendly professional service. Email us via our contact page for a free quote today.




Our wedding photography provides a great blend of traditional and documentary photography, to produce unique and fun images that sum up your magical day. We promise to cater to your requirements and will always produce high standard work for you to look back on and treasure.





Our event photography is unique and we always supply the client with a selection of great images that show your events in the greatest light. There have been many events we’ve been involved with; from Festivals to weddings, whatever the event, we cater to your requirements.





We can photograph any products from electronics to glass, which is why it’s worth mentioning that we have a studio built for product work. This also ensures that we provide high end work that will surely meet your expectations. We also specialize in photographing artwork, whether it’s for promotional use or prints.





Here at SE.Photos, we can help to provide you with high standard ideal images for your artist’s (and other occupations) portfolio. We can consult with you (free of charge) to arrange everything in preparation  for your portfolio and we’ll provide the photographs of what you need. As you can see below, we work with a variety of people for a variety of portfolio ideas, including art exhibitions, city environments, etc.





There’s nothing quite like a sharp clean image to show off your pride in your city or your business and this is the exact sort of work we provide. We produce these images so that they can be tailor suited to fit anything from a nice image in the office or photographs for an upcoming meeting.





When doing still photography, it covers a lot of ground, therefore so do we. We’re able to photograph films/shows, it could be for posters or archiving, behind the scenes for different situations (ie. portfolio or advertisement purposes). Anything you’d like to have photographed, from a different perspective, we can do it, and with top quality images as a result.