New Project: East, West

In Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent, there is a derelict site called the East-West Precinct that was once a bright, thriving and colourful shopping centre and bus station that had cafes, music shops, resturants and so on. Unfortunately over the decades, this once grand centre hasbecoming nothing but reminders of a bright part smoothered in rot and decay. It was offically abandoned around 2013 (this was when the new Hanley bus station offically opened) and has remained standing as a local eye sore. Fortunatley for local residents, it is being demolished this year and myself and another photographer (and freind) have been granted permission to document the deconstruction of this grand dismal site. We hope to create something interesting from it, so that the local communtity can access the images that we produce and will be able to see progress from how it use to look to being an empty piece of land in one place.
Below are a few images of what the old shopping centre currently looks like before demolition


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